Build a simple automated deployment pipeline for Cloud Run (Step by step tutorial)


  • Container Registry -: It will store all Docker Images to be used in Cloud Run
  • Google Storage -: It will save our state of Terraform.
  • Cloud Run -: Serverless platform where our final app will be hosted
  • Terraform -: It will help us to spin up Cloud Run instance and to create multiple working environments like staging and production
  • Go -: It will help us to trigger Terraform command whenever we want to with Github Actions
  • Github Actions -: It will help us as an entry point to trigger those Go command and Go will trigger terraform

Why Cloud Run, Go, and Terraform?

Cloud Run




  1. You are familiar with how Go works
  2. You are familiar with how Cloud Run works i.e specifying container image. If not check this article
  3. You are familiar with how Terraform spins up a new server and how Terraform manages state
  4. You are familiar with Dockerizing the application.

Deployment tutorial steps

1. Dockerize application

2. Infrastructure setup with Terraform

terraform apply -var image_tag=docker_image_tag -var-file=dev.tfvars -auto-approve

3. Triggering Terraform with Go

cmd := exec.Command(“terraform”, “init”, “-backend-config”, “bucket=tf-test-app”)

4. Glue everything with Github Action and Bash file

Add More Environments

func getTfVarFileName(env string) string {if env == "dev" {return "dev.tfvars"}if env == "production" {return "prof.tfvars"}panic("Please select correct environment only dev & production available at the moment")}func getCredentialsFilePath(env string) string {if env == "dev" {return "credentials/dev-cred.json"}if env == "production" {return "credentials/prod-cred.json"}panic("error on loading credentials")}





Software Development Enthusiast

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ujwal dhakal

ujwal dhakal

Software Development Enthusiast

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