Automate Cloud Run deployment in a minute

  1. Run Go locally
  2. Run Go on Google Cloud Run
  1. Running Go locally -:
+-- Dockerfile
+-- docker-compose.yml
+-- app
| +-- app.go
FROM golang:1.10COPY ./app /go/src/
WORKDIR /go/src/
RUN go get -u && go get ./RUN go buildCMD go get && \
fresh; \
version: '2'
container_name: golang.go
build: ./
- VIRTUAL_HOST=custom.pv
- APP_ENV=dev
- ./app:/go/src/
- "5000:8080"
package mainimport (
func regRoutes(routes *gin.Engine) { routes.GET("/", func(c *gin.Context) {
c.JSON(200, gin.H{
"status": "up",
})}func main() { routes := gin.Default()
routes.Run() // run in 8080 port
components install beta --quiet gcloud auth configure-docker
docker build -t golangcloudrun:latest .docker tag  golangcloudrun:latest${{ secrets.GCLOUD_PROJECT_ID }}/golangcloudrun docker push${{ secrets.GCLOUD_PROJECT_ID }}/golangcloudrun:latest 
** components install beta --quiet **** gcloud beta run deploy ${CLOUD_RUN_SERVICE_NAME} — image${{ GCLOUD_PROJECT_ID }}/golangcloudrun — platform managed — region us-central1 — project=${{ secrets.GCLOUD_PROJECT_ID }} **




Software Development Enthusiast

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ujwal dhakal

ujwal dhakal

Software Development Enthusiast

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