Whenever I migrated from an old laptop to a new laptop or re-installed the whole OS, I always ended up copying all the config files(Ide configuration, bash history, app profiles, etc) in a hard disk.

I either ended up copying all un-necessary configs(by zipping all) from the home folder or…

Well Microservice word itself explains micro + service which is the breaking down of services into individual independent one. It's an architectural pattern on designing the system and its flow.

But why do we need to microservice? Well let me explain with an example

Let's say someone wants to build…

Remembering the first day of code review when your co-workers reviewed your code and started to tell that your code has so many flaws to work on before it can really go on production and then you keep on rewriting the whole code.

Code Review is the process of discussing…

“There are only two hard things in Computer Science: cache invalidation and naming things.”

— Phil Karlton

Naming the things in programming is actually quite a hard task when you have multiple options to choose from your thoughts.

In my first year of programming, I thought naming was the easiest…

ujwal dhakal

Backend Dev@ Werkspot

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